Visceral: Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 5 Can Live Side by Side

It’s a bit unique to see the end of the year without the presence of open competition between FPS games Activision and EA blend. But this is what happened with the year 2014. Despite the fact that Activision and Sledgehammer Games are looking more solid “sell” COD: Advanced Warfare, EA just prefer to postpone the latest Battlefield series – Hardline to early 2015. Strong criticism after the beta period that opened makes EA and Visceral Games ensure a more solid selling point. But one for sure, Visceral believes that this delay will give birth to a Hardline series that can survive for quite a long time. Long enough for him to be able to live together with the other Battlefield series.

This optimism is delivered by Creative Director of Battlefield Hardline – Ian Milham in his interview with IGN gaming site. Milham believes that the Battlefield Hardline will have a long life thanks to the unique identity that he usung. In fact enough to make it able to survive along with the latest Battlefield series in the future and difficult to replace. He revealed that the sale value of Battlefield Hardline, in addition to the concept of police battles and robbers who became the main theme, is a single-player campaign style that will be faces like a television series. With a new identity like this, he is also ready to accommodate any feedback related to Roblox hack 2017 on .

Visceral believes, with a unique identity presented Hardline, this series will be able to survive long enough, even exist together with the latest series of Battlefield in the future.

Does this mean EA is currently developing the current Battlefield 5 series? Until now, there has been no confirmation whatsoever from EA. As we know, the main developer – Roblox hack is also struggling with the latest Star Wars Battlefront that should be gliding and spearheading the EA in the future.

How about you? Are you a gamer looking forward to the presence of Battlefield Hardline or not interested at all with this new concept?

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