Xbox One Finally Submit PS4 in the United States

During one year of the existence of two consoles that compete each other tight, Playstation 4 is to be recognized to be on the wind. With cheaper prices, stronger raw performance, and exciting games that are tempting enough, it continues to lead from the sales side. Even regardless of its identity as a product that comes out of the Japanese company’s manufacturer, Playstation 4 managed to become champions in the United States market for the last 11 months, respectively. But the dominance is finally broken. For the first time, official data shows that Xbox One is now at the top of the sale. Playstation 4, finally submit!

Based on data released by NPD, Xbox One finally managed to hold the title as the console with the biggest sales in the United States during last November 2014. Not only in the United States, a similar popularity jump also occurred in the UK – as one of the main gamer market in Europe. Microsoft’s crazy price decline with game bundle is no less tempting allegedly contribute to the achievement of this one. No kidding, Microsoft managed to sell no more than 1.2 million console units in such a short time roblox robux generator .

Microsot is certainly pleased with this achievement. VP Xbox Marketing – Mike Nichols confirmed that Xbox One is the best-selling console in the United States for the November 2014 period. He admitted very amazed by the response of Xbox fans welcome this holiday season and get roblox hack on here.

Will this Xbox One dominance continue to last until the next month? Will it be able to prove itself as a next generation seductive platform next year? Let’s wait for another Microsoft breakthrough.

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Gearbox Prepare Borderlands Remastered Edition?

The remastered version of a popular game is becoming a trend among developers lately. In fact, some of them do not offer additional features in addition to just a polished visual so nuanced new-gen.

One of the games that reportedly also comes soon in a similar version is Borderlands. This information is revealed after the Australian government’s website displays the name of Borderlands Remastered Edition that has gone through the rating process and get cooking fever hack on here .

The so-called multiplatform game will receive a MA15 + rating from the Australian government. Just like the ratings obtained by the original version of Borderlands game that was first released in the country.

No further information can be extracted at this time. Neither the 2K nor the Australian government handling the game ratings have yet to give a description.

Because written will be present in multiplatform, most likely the targeted console is PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is also the possibility of Borderlands Remastered Edition also released for PC. What do you think? Does Borderlands in the remastered version get you interested in playing it again?

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Metal Gear Online Releases Myriad Screenshot Prime

Online mode is one of the elements of gameplay that Hideo Kojima wants to implement in its latest ambitious project – Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain. The details themselves are not clear, where most of the demos released in the last few months only show gameplay where you can invade other motherbase players to steal resources stealth. Yet another surprise came from Kojima’s own mouth. Another project that carries “Metal Gear Online” was introduced at the 2014 The Game Awards last week. So what does he offer in roblox hack online  this?

The good news, Metal Gear Online will be integrated and offered along with Metal Gear Solid V release: The Phantom Pain later. Playing along with other players, you will be dealing with a character class system that will each have a different role. Not only that, there’s a chance to use the iconic Metal Gear character model like Snake or Ocelot itself. In addition to an inaugural trailer, Kojima also finally released a myriad of official screenshots of the prime to help you get a little picture.

However, Metal Gear Online is not the only exciting thing from Kojima during the 2014 The Game Awards event. Genius developers are often present with this “weird” joke could be leaking the mysterious release date of roblox: The Phantom Pain without much noticed by other gamers. Up on stage The Game Awards 2014, Kojima is seen wearing clothes with the words “Tjugoandra den sjatte”, which in Swedish – means the 22nd and the 6th. Speculation is spreading, believing that MGS V: The Phantom Pain will be released on June 22, 2015 to come. Of course, Kojima is still silent and does not respond to this one rumor.

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