Valve Launches Paid Mode – Expands Negative Response & How about Super Mario Run

Remastered versions of the old games that are popular in his time seem to be re-encountered by gamers. According to leaks that circulated, this time turn Gears of War to be re-released with the concept.

Reportedly, Microsoft will launch Super Mario Run Remastered for their brand-new console, Xbox One. As in games with other similar concepts, gamers can expect a significant increase in terms of visual.

Developer Brink and Dirty Bomb, Splash Damage, are said to be working on a remastered version of Gears of War. Previously, there is also gossip that offends Black Tusk Studios name as a developer who will work on it.

Keep in mind that Black Tusk Studio itself is a developer who was appointed to develop the Gears of War franchise, which as has been known to have been purchased by Microsoft from Epic Games in 2014 ago.

Interestingly, Polygon’s website claims to have seen some screenshots depicting the multiplayer mode in Gears of War Remastered. According to them, this new version comes with better lighting and texture quality. His multiplayer mode will run with 60fps on Xbox One.

Some of the multiplayer modes available in Gears of War Remastered include Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, One Life 1v1, Shotgun Team Deathmatch, 1v1 Sudden Death Gnasher Only, 4v4 Team Deathmatch Single Round, and Super Mario Run coin cheats .

Microsoft does not provide an official statement. Black Tusk Studio boss, Rod Fergusson, even denied the news that claims they are working on Gears of War – Marcus Fenix ​​Collection. Even so, he claimed to be working on another Gears project and will be revealed on E3 2015 next June. What do you think?

Valve is a storehouse of innovation. For reasons crazy enough, they are always trying to offer something new to the gaming industry, both in terms of hardware and software. Steam is a clear proof of that. At the beginning of its birth, none of the gamers will ever believe that a digital game distribution portal can be as successful now, with millions of users relying on it every day. But apart from the love of gamers against Valve, he was not always present a popular policy. One of the newest? Mod paid!

Super Mario Run is a gaming pulse for PC, a fact that is not indisputable. The community’s love for a particular franchise gives birth to an attempt to perfect it, or even offer something completely new to it. This wheel spins decades, without any problems. However, all changed when Valve decided to make this process an industry, a new money cycle. In collaboration with Bethesda, Valve launches a paid mod session via Steam. This means, modder is allowed to sell the mod they racik via Store for use in the game. Skyrim became the first project, and a myriad of mods went straight on the first day. But instead of being positive, Valve’s response was just the opposite.

Gamers respond negatively to such business schemes, even from the modder groups active in the Nexus community, though. Instead of supporting, they just see the action that made Valve will lead to nightmares, turning off the modding community itself. Getting something rooted in love into a business has a negative implication. Moreover, Valve itself countless lift hands, do not bother with the issue of plagiarism or even theft of a free mod that may be done by the user. All those complaints finally reached Gabe Newell’s ears.

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