Bioshock 1 Towards Mobile Devices

Compliments as one of the best games of the past decade, Bioshock does offer tremendous appeal regardless of its format as an FPS game. Not only because the setting of the city under the sea – Rapture which he stretcher, but the ability of Irrational Games to concoct the atmosphere and a strong plot of it. Interestingly again, the first Bioshock also comes with a memorable twist plot, which of course will not be easily removed from the minds of gamers who had tasted it. Gliding for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and of course – PCs in the past, Bioshock’s first series is confirmed to be gliding for other platforms. This time, to accompany your NBA Live Mobile hack mobile device!

The death of Irrational Games as a developer did not deter 2K Games, the publisher to exploit Bioshock even further. They officially confirmed that the inaugural series will be re-released for iOS-based mobile devices – iPhone and iPad. With adjustable mechanical adaptation controls for the touch screen, 2K Games also ensures that this mobile Bioshock will be offered as a full-price premium game, which means no micro-transaction system at all. While from the side of gameplay and story, there is nothing different from the series NBA Live Mobile that we are familiar with.

2K Games itself still has not given certainty of release date or price that will be carried Bioshock iOS this, but have confirmed compatibility only in iPad 4, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C. Not yet clear whether he will slide for Android-based mobile devices in the future or not.

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