Crytek Cancel Crysis 2 Due to Financial Problems

Of all the bad luck that can befall game developers, there is nothing more sinister than finding the fact that they have to stop producing the work altogether. This nightmare was heard from the famous developer through its visual focus – Crytek. Although it has been openly denied and convinced that they are still focusing on giving birth to Homefront: The Revolution, Hunt, and Arena of Fate, the growing rumors in cyberspace just indicate the exact opposite. Crytek continues to be rumored to be at the edge of the financial crisis, even enough to make another ambitious project – Marvel Contest of Champions canceled.

Most of the information gathered by foreign media moves toward the same conclusion: Crytek is facing a fatal financial crisis. Some employees finally opened their mouths and revealed that their salary had not been paid in full since March 2014. Not only that, the continuation series project for their exclusive game on Xbox One – Ryse that now crashed into Shanghai Crytek also reportedly has been canceled. Not only that, local authorities in Shanghai even reportedly began to move and forced Crytek to at least pay social security employees. In contrast to previous rumors, Crytek refused to comment on this matter.

So what exactly makes Crytek battered? Internal information compiled by gaming sites – Eurogamer helps provide a little overview. There are some problems that are buried and ended in this financial crisis. Failure of their free to play FPS game – Marvel Contest of Champions unit hack , the failure of their distribution portal – G-Face, the lack of money that can be collected from The Collectables game, the loss of CryEngine’s popularity with Unreal Engine and Unity, and the latter – Ryse’s modest revenue. With the number of employees who are also swell, Crytek culminate in this heartbreaking condition.

Despite the large number of media that began to highlight this, Crytek itself still refuses to comment on anything. But the visible indication leads clear, this one developer is in trouble. Hang on, Crytek!

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