Dark Souls Developer: We Will not Stop Difficult Games!

Video games today feel much easier than the old games that slide on the legendary gaming platform. This one sentence is not excessive. Many of today’s games are simply designed to offer a cinematic, eye-pinking experience, no longer concerned with aspects of gameplay and challenges that were so essential in the past. The battle against the giant boss ends up being a QTE, regeneration system, to over-powered design characters into everyday scenes. But regardless of the mainstream taste, there is one developer who decided to move against the current. True, we’re talking about From Software.

In the past, some gamers may recognize the name From Software as the brains behind the cool mecha game – Armored Core. But today, he is more viewed as the owner of the toughest action RPG franchise game – dragon ball z dokkan battle hack who always look stunning. Unlike most other games that go to the market, Dark Souls actually offers a high level of difficulty as the main attraction, which surprisingly also, managed to build a fanatic fan base is quite massive. Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show 2014, From Software confirmed that this sensation will be maintained in the future.

Yui Tanimura – director of Dark Souls II stated that despite the fact that tough games are a minority in the gaming industry today, they will not stop creating games with that identity. Tanimura mentioned that instead of just building a dark fantasy world, they are more focused on getting players to experience that they have achieved something extraordinary. This is the sensation that they will continue to keep. He is also happy that there are many games out there that try to imitate Dark Souls, which is also an indirect proof that what they are trying to accomplish has now begun to be accepted by the wider market and get dokkan battle hack 2017 online .

What is revealed by Tanimura is not just a mere nonsense. Not only extending the Dark Souls 2 experience via the various DLCs, From Software is also developing Bloodborne – an RPG action game with a similar identity designed exclusively for Playstation 4. More Dark Souls-style tough games? Bring it on!

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