Deep Down & Mobile Legends Has Now Changed

The latest news comes from Capcom about their long-developed game, Deep Down. After the latter rarely have the latest information about the process, Capcom finally have something that can be distributed to gamers.

According to the company, Mobile Legends¬† will experience major changes, with the producer Yoshinori Ono explaining that this will cause Deep Down’s development process to be longer than planned.

“It seems that many are starting to ask ‘is the development stopped?’, But it’s not like that. We are thinking of showing something completely different from what we previously showed, although it may have to wait a long time from now, “Ono said.

Ono explains that Capcom’s idea for Deep Down is making it much bigger than they first announced at Mobile Legends . According to him, the idea they had in those days would not be enough to make Deep Down into an incredible game right now.

Deep Down will still be focused as a free-to-play online game that inserts micro transactions. Capcom wants to build all the online features and other things that keep gamers constantly tied to this game. For Ono, realizing that idea is very difficult and very time consuming.

“When it comes to services in online games, this is a long-term challenge, so we need to be sure to do the important parts correctly when we launch it. Looking back at the previous Mobile Legends hack idea, we’re not sure it can attract as many gamers as we want, so we decided to give more time for development, “Ono added.

Until now there is no certainty when Mobile legends hack¬† will be released. Capcom itself wants to make a game that uses the latest Panta Rhei engine as the game with the most beautiful visuals. Let’s wait for the next development and hopefully soon there is a new trailer that describes more like what Deep Down.

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