Epic Demo Unreal Engine 4 on Mobile Devices! Like GTA 5

Mobile devices will be able to deliver more visual qualities than Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, no matter how many times such claims have been thrown in various tech demos over the past few years. With increasingly qualified specifications, regardless of how irrational this claim is, it becomes something that can be achieved in a short time. One of the spearheads of course is the latest mobile processor from NVIDIA – GTA 5  who look so dazzling in his first introduction some time ago. This time, back at the Google I / 0 2014 event, he again proved himself.

Tegra K1 is special. Carrying Kepler architecture such as desktop graphics card products, K1 is reinforced with 192 CUDA Cores is one of the main backbone of the next generation of gaming. This is also evident after Epic run their latest demo engine which is also focused on the latest generation console – Unreal Engine 4 uses this processor. The demo referred to as “Rivalry” is a dazzling look for an Android engine. Detailed visual quality, realistic lighting, and little tesselation effects are evident in this demo. Unfortunately, there is no certainty whether this engine will eventually be implemented into a real game project for Tegra K1-based Android device or not.

NVIDIA itself is scheduled to release Tegra K1 processor for the first time in the world via Chinese tablet product – GTA 5 Money Hack  which unfortunately, has not received a definite release date. Mobile Games with Unreal Engine 4? How many of you are optimistic that this engine will be used by developers to create mobile games in the future? Or are you a skeptic and see this just a no-show demo? One for sure, that is one awesome demo, right there ..

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