Gearbox Prepare Borderlands Remastered Edition?

The remastered version of a popular game is becoming a trend among developers lately. In fact, some of them do not offer additional features in addition to just a polished visual so nuanced new-gen.

One of the games that reportedly also comes soon in a similar version is Borderlands. This information is revealed after the Australian government’s website displays the name of Borderlands Remastered Edition that has gone through the rating process and get cooking fever hack on here .

The so-called multiplatform game will receive a MA15 + rating from the Australian government. Just like the ratings obtained by the original version of Borderlands game that was first released in the country.

No further information can be extracted at this time. Neither the 2K nor the Australian government handling the game ratings have yet to give a description.

Because written will be present in multiplatform, most likely the targeted console is PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is also the possibility of Borderlands Remastered Edition also released for PC. What do you think? Does Borderlands in the remastered version get you interested in playing it again?

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