Immortals Android Game Review

Immortals is a mythical themed Android game clad with unique easy gameplay. In this game, the player will become a god to purify the human soul that cursed the evil god into a demon.

There are three gods to choose from, namely Dhatarattha, Vaisravana, and Virulhaka. Every god has a deadly stance for the devil. Kick it you can strengthen with the upgrade feature, because the higher the level faced, the more you need a strong stance to purify the demons and you can get NBA Live Mobile coins hack tool .

To purify the devil, players must attack them with the power of the god. When it has been defeated, the devil will turn back into a human. Be careful not to attack the gods about humans because they can die. Every time a man dies, you will lose a life. Total life you have only three, if the life is exhausted, then the game will end.

You can control the game with just one red button on the top right of the screen. Touch and hold to redirect the target (lotus-shaped). The Lotus can only move to the right and left. All you need to know is that every time you release the button, lotus will launch an attack. Press quickly to launch a barrage of attacks. Unfortunately, the attack can not stay in one place, because the lotus will keep moving. So you must continue to direct the lotus to the demons position carefully, do not get to human.

There are two types of games in this game called Immortals, the Endless Challenge and Story Adventure. The Endless Challenge is an unlimited mode, while Story Adventure is the main mode presented by this time-limited game (if time runs out, game ends) where players will discover a myriad of new mystical beings.

Overall, Immortals is a simple mobile game with matching gameplay to test your concentration. Because you are required to attack evil demons among humans who should not be attacked at all. This game comes with artwork that shows mystical impression. In addition, the background of traditional Chinese opera makes the mystical impression presented so thick and play NBA Live Mobile.

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