The Sims 4 Using System Premium like Battlefield 4

Paying more money to get the promised extra content can provide a more optimal gameplay experience, no matter how many appointments like this are thrown by developers and publishers. Not just DLC, some publishers like EA even pack it in a large format called “Premium”. The paid system implemented in Battlefield 4 allows gamers to access all DLC content in the future faster than gamers who buy them separately. But who would have thought that this system apparently wanted to apply in a game with a genre that is completely different. True, EA is reportedly ready to pursue the same strategy for the latest project – fifa 17 coin generator.

Through a 20-minute gameplay demo released, EA gives a little idea of ​​the background of the gameplay behind The Sims 4 trailer in E3 2014 ago. This demo is designed to explore the various innovations gameplay this latest series offered, especially from the implementation of the existing emotional system.

One interesting one? The demo also leaked plans to adapt the Battlefield 4-style Premium system for The Sims 4. Premium account owners will get faster access to the planned 3 DLC packs, with extra exclusive items. Certainly not a shocking news considering The Sims is always identified with a myriad of paid FIFA 17 content.

Unfortunately, EA itself still has not given certainty how much the price is set to get the status of Premium The Sims 4. The Sims 4 is scheduled for release on September 2, 2014, exclusive for PC.

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