Visceral Start Fixed Battlefield Hardline Problems & Madden Mobile

The ongoing surprise, one by one, this sentence seems appropriate to describe the Battlefield Hardline position in the gaming industry today. The first surprise comes from the implementation of different Battlefield concepts compared to the series we’ve known, making the battle between law enforcement and criminals as the main theme. The second surprise flows from the fact that this game was developed by the survival game developer Madden Mobile hack  – Visceral Games is fully responsible.

And the last surprise? Unlike most games that start opening their game beta at least a week before the commercial version is released, Battlefield Hardline beta version can be tested months before the commercial version slid in October. For this last affair, Visceral has finally begun to show that this step is not just to build popularity, but also to create a Battlefield series that is more attached to what the gamer wants.

True, like most of the beta period, Battlefield Hardline is certainly still present with a myriad of problems and a series of mechanics that are considered gamers have the potential to be its own shortcomings. Through the official Battlefield blog, Visceral claims that they are capturing so much feedback that it will now begin to be acted upon. They released 10 issues that became the main focus to be refined in the retail version later. Anything?

Movement: Player speed is increased by 10 percent, and an extra 10 percent when running with only a pistol.
Suppression: Camera system fixed, shooting is no longer affected when entered in this condition. Affects your awareness of the environment.
Survivalist: Too overpower. Revive will bring you back with 1 Health and auto-inject after 5 seconds.
High Tension – Camera Shake Crane: minimizes the camera shake effect of this event.
High Tension – Stairs in High Tension Bug: the ladder no longer pulls the player to lean toward the wall.
Elevated Objectives: helps find the objective, especially when its position is above or below the player.
Special Vehicles: more special vehicles will be injected into the battlefield. Hand brake is also being worked on.
Stuck Vehicles: an opportunity to shift vehicles with melee attacks if trapped.
Heavy Vehicle Damage: heavy vehicles now have weak points on the sides, making them easier to destroy.
Vehicle Occupant List: add a Carrier Bag icon to help the player recognize this character when entering into the same vehicle.

Battlefield Hardline itself is scheduled to be released on 21 October 2014, for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and of course – PC.

What about you who had tested the beta version some time ago? Is this Visceral centered improvement a major issue when you’re on the Madden Mobile hack ?

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